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You can take the guy out of weather, but you can’t take weather out of the guy!

Many of you have been part of my journey from weather into real estate, some of you following for 8 years now! While my current profession is serving you in the absolute best way possible when it comes to your real estate goals, my “past life” included informing you about the weather around us!

I’m not losing that part of my life, so I’m going to combine the best of both worlds!

By signing up, you’ll receive a video weather report right to your inbox on Monday morning, to help you plan your week ahead. And at the beginning of each month, in addition to my normal weekly weather, I’ll be sending a monthly recap on the real estate market, and the *forecast* for the months ahead. 

Perfect for those looking for something *extra* with weather.
Perfect for those who currently own a home, or want to in the future. 

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